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Penjoy can produce a number of custom made trucks that go beyond our normal die-cast line. If you have a unique request (such as those pictured below) ask us about the possibility of having it custom tooled. Penjoy employs and sources out to highly skilled machinists and companies that can make just about anything you could want from antique tractors to laser cut steel loads

In addition to custom trucks, Penjoy offers a number of services that can help make the process of distributing your trucks easier. We can provide you with order forms for your company truck. These forms can be mailed to Penjoy and we will drop ship the orders, for your convenience. This allows us to handle the leg work of distributing your trucks; allowing you to continue to do what it is you do.

Penjoy Company - Collectible, Promotional Model Trucks
American Made 1:64 scale diecast trucks featuring MACK and Freightliner.
& International 1:50 scale die-cast service vans

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