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CH600 Series
Penjoy is proud to offer the only 1:64 scale Mack® CH600 made in America and the only one in the world that is available in four styles!(Daycab, Small Airfoil, Large Airfoil and 60” Sleeper) All have standard die-cast chrome bumper, grill, exhaust stacks and fuel tanks. Other distinguishing features are the windshields, wipers, running lights and the famous Mack® Bulldog hood ornament.

Century Class
The Penjoy Freightliner weighs more than half a pound! This is due to the fact that virtually the entire truck is built using die-cast metal parts, instead of plastic pieces. The grill, headlights, fuel tanks and exhaust stacks are all die-cast & chrome-plated components that interlock with the die-cast bodies of the Freightliner. You'll also find that a real scaled down Freightliner interior sits inside of the cab!

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