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Collectible, Promotional Model Trucks

The PENJOY COMPANY is a leader of 1:64 scale die-cast metal trucks, in the world today!
Penjoy is a collectible, promotional manufacturer that specializes in the manufacturing of custom-order, precision made 1:64 scale die-cast metal promotional and fleet replica trucks and a 1:50 scale die-cast metal Service/Delivery van.

Our trucks are proudly made in the U.S.A. and we are located in Lancaster County, PA.

Our 1:64 scale die-cast metal trucks are built with components, such as the grill, headlights, fuel tanks and exhaust tanks that interlock with the die-cast metal truck body. All of our die-cast metal truck parts are cast in Decorah, Iowa. The grills, headlights, fuel tanks and exhaust stacks are also die-cast metal, chrome plated and made in Decorah, Iowa. The tires, wheels, windshields and other miscellaneous truck parts are made in York, PA.

Our goal to our customer is a commitment to quality, service and customer satisfaction.

The NEW Club Truck is SUPER!
Super sized that is... At approx 16inches in length, our new Super Tanker is sure to be a real stand out.


Penjoy Company - Collectible, Promotional Model Trucks
American Made 1:64 scale diecast trucks featuring MACK and Freightliner.
& International 1:50 scale die-cast service vans

218 South Plum St
Mount Joy, PA 17552-9344